It All Started With a Stuffed Giraffe

We named Dotty Giraffe after our daughter’s stuffed “dotty” giraffe, but we started Dotty Giraffe because we couldn’t find artwork made for children that we liked. Now our photography is found in homes, offices and hospitals all over the country!

Dotty Giraffe has been in business for over 10 years and is owned and operated by photographers Amanda and John Murphy. Our photographic style was born when we were searching for artwork for our own kids and couldn’t quite find anything unique. We decided to make our own.

Amanda and John are the creative minds behind the photographs; formulating creative ideas, building sets and props, making or licensing toys and photographing the resulting scenes. We work closely with world renowned toymakers to bring the most colorful and unique toys and stuffed animals to life.

Our work is based on memories from our own childhoods but is also heavily influenced by our growing family. Through our photographs we hope to influence the next generation of young artists and introduce kids and their families to the beauty of fine art photography.

We primarily sell our work for children’s rooms, nurseries and play rooms, however, we also sell our work to doctors offices, pediatricians, hospitals and preschools. Our work is present in homes, offices and hospitals around the world.

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