Although we currently sell our Limited Edition, Fine Art Photographs in the online store, we have included pricing and sizing information here for your reference. These prices do not include any applicable sales taxes or shipping and are subject to change.

Please contact us for detailed sizing information for the specific photograph(s) you are interested in.

StyleImage SizeMat SizePriceNotes
Mat only5x78x10$25
Mat & Frame5x78x10$55
Mat only8x1011x14$45
Mat & Frame8x1011x14$85
Mat only11x1416x20$90
Mat & Frame11x1416x20$160
Mat & Frame12x2116x25$250
Mat only16x2222x28$150
Mat & Frame16x2222x28$300
Mat & Frame18x3123x36$500See Note 1 below
Mat & Frame24x3030x36$600See Note 1 below
Mat & Frame24x4230x48$850See Note 1 below
Wood Mount11x14NA$135
Wood Mount12x21NA$175See Note 1 below
Wood Mount16x22NA$250
Wood Mount18x31NA$450See Note 1 below
Wood Mount24x30NA$500
Wood Mount24x42NA$700See Note 1 below
Aluminum Mount11x14NA$150
Aluminum Mount12x21NA$195See Note 1 below
Aluminum Mount16x22NA$300
Aluminum Mount18x31NA$475See Note 1 below
Aluminum Mount24x30NA$600
Aluminum Mount24x42NA$800See Note 1 below
Face Mount Acrylic11x14NA$250
Face Mount Acrylic12x21NA$325See Note 1 below
Face Mount Acrylic16x22NA$425
Face Mount Acrylic18x31NA$550See Note 1 below
Face Mount Acrylic24x30NA$700
Face Mount Acrylic24x42NA$950See Note 1 below

Note 1: Applies to the following images only: “The Great Jewelry Heist”, “I Didn’t Do It!”, “Daisy, the diving Dachshund”, “Now that’s Hot!”, “Earthquake!”

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